Specialising in cookers, ovens and hobs

I can fix your broken cooker

My name is Mark Fenn. I am a Gas-Safe registered engineer and an expert in repairing and servicing gas and electric cooking appliances.

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Experience you can count on

Before I became self-employed, I spent 12 years working for a company that reconditioned gas and electric ovens. I ran the appliance workshop and managed the small team of engineers. Together, we reconditioned hundreds of cookers, of all makes and models. During this time, I learned an incredible amount about cookers, the things that can go wrong with them and the most economical ways to repair them.


Building my own business

When the company I worked for decided to focus on selling new appliances, I decided to go self-employed and use my skills to help the general public. I bought myself a small van and placed advertisements in the local newspaper, hoping the phone would ring — and it did! Soon I had built up my own customer base and I have never looked back.

Call Mark now on 07969 523 030



Bulk-buying stock to save you money

Over the years I have built up a considerable stock of replacement parts to repair most makes and models. As many cookers develop similar faults, I buy the commonly used spare parts in bulk, negotiating discounts I can then pass on to my customers. 


Quick repairs to save you time

Your time is precious and you need your oven repaired quickly and efficiently. I can diagnose many problems over the phone and carry large stock of replacement parts. This usually means I can repair your cooker during the first call-out. For special orders, I have accounts for spare parts with most cooker manufacturers. I can usually get the part you need within a matter of days and can quickly arrange another call-out to your home at no extra charge.



If your oven cannot be repaired at home

In some cases, part of the cooker may need to be taken away for repair. In such cases I always aim to return the cooker as quickly as I can. For example, some oven doors are bonded together with heat-resistant sealant. Over time the sealant can break down, causing the door to fall apart. For this type of repair, I have a small workshop where I can strip your door down, clean and reseal it. After the repair, the door is left in a warm environment to cure overnight. It can then be returned to you the next day to be refitted at no extra charge.


Clear, honest advice

I will always do my best to advise you honestly. For example, if I feel your cooker is beyond economical repair, I will recommend you to get a replacement. If you do need a replacement, I will be more than happy to suggest a reputable and reasonably priced retailer to sell and fit your cooker. If your cooker is not repairable, or you decide not to go ahead with the repair I have advised, there will be no charge for my visit.

Need a repair? Call Mark now on 07969 523 030